It’s Skip Bayless’ World Whether We Want to Live in it Our Not


By now you’ve probably heard about Skip Bayless questioning Derek Jeter’s integrity. Here’s the video.

Skip Bayless is certainly a polarizing figure in the sports world. He is in love with all things Tim Tebow, and seems to get a smug satisfaction when nobody agrees with him. Once upon a time he was a respected sports writer, but those days are long gone.

To me he’s is putting on a show. I think that he does not genuinely agree with everything he takes a stand on, however he wants the spotlight and the only way to get it is to stand out from the crowd of sports “analysts”.

Bayless has become the face of everything that is wrong with ESPN.

I understand that ESPN is in it for the ratings, and people are going to tune in to see what ridiculous thing Bayless says next, but enough is enough.

Thankfully Stephen A. Smith is usually the voice of reason on issues. I can’t believe I just wrote that. Skip Bayless has made me like Stephen A. Smith. Maybe the apocalypse is near?

The problem is that when I write this article and all (three of you) read it, we are feeding the beast. This is what Skip wants. He’s got our attention yet again.


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One Response to It’s Skip Bayless’ World Whether We Want to Live in it Our Not

  1. Lester says:

    The terrorists win.

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