PED’s in Baseball: Time For a Change

The more I read about Melky Cabrera and Bartolo Colon cheating the game of baseball the angrier I get.

50 games is not enough. I want years.

In Bartolo’s case, since he has basically reached the end of the road, this 50 game suspension will certainly be the nail in his over-sized coffin.

Colon was able to resurrect his career thanks to PED’s.

However with Melky, he will still get his payday, albeit not the one he would have received if he hadn’t been caught. He may not get that six-year 100 million dollar deal, but it’s still likely he can still get a contract worth 50 Million over three or four years.

Melky will still get a large paycheck next year

That right there is why I think 50 games is pointless, players should be banned for two years on their first offense.

Two years is enough time away from the game to really have to work and claw your way back. That is enough to deter most players from even thinking about using.

MLB testing is great for the sport, however any testing is going to be behind what is available on the market. These aren’t just horse pills or injections from some back-alley dealer. Performance enhancing drugs are on the cutting edge of science, undetectable to even the most stringent current tests. It takes time for the testing to catch up.

Players will keep using, unless there is a tougher punishment from baseball. Even with a two year suspension, players still may take that chance.

Maybe I’m being too harsh, but if we are going to give these guys second chances, they should have to earn them the hard way. I’m sick of seeing the game I love get tarnished.


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