Where Are You Now…?

To pass time by while I worked at a bowling alley my friends and I would play a game called “where are you now…?”. I’ve decided to let this tradition continue in a weekly column where we take a sports figure, who has disappeared from the spotlight, and try to speculate, maybe even confirm, where they are today. 

Where are you now…Bobby Higginson

Come back to us Bobby!

A once highly respected outfielder for the Detroit Tigers , Bobby has little information out there of his whereabouts. According to Wikipedia (the only source) he is now a partner in a limousine company and splits his time between Florida and Michigan.

An injury caused a halt to Bobby’s career, but before that he put up respectable numbers, especially in his earlier years, and was highly regarded as one of the best outfielders in the game between 1996 and 2000. I forgot how good he was and in his 10 years in the bigs he racked up 187 home runs, 709 RBIs and a reasonable .272 career batting average. His best year was in 2000 when he hit .300, slugged 30 home runs and drove in 102 RBIs.

Bobby, if you see this please let us know how you are. Please…

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