I Google’d Sports…The Results are In

I was inspired after watching this collection of the best sports gifs and decided it was my time to gather a collection of ridiculous pictures and post them. I chose to use the word “Sports” as my search inquiry and after hours of tedious preparation, okay minutes, this is my top 20.

pretty horrific injury, as indicated by its title

someone got paid to make this

just realized he plays for the Red Sox

I was disappointed when I found out it was “Sports Junkies”

Stuck the landing, look at that form. Anyone questioning slot machines as a sport has never been on a charter bus to AC with these animals

Final round in the Let’s See Who Can Stand Over Fire the Longest National Championship

Nailed it

Inspiration for the Badminton controversy

Marv Albert reading the text from his wife saying, “where are my panties”

found him, or in this case her

Found a new talent

To some, dancing is everything

Wow, someone did actually buy a Fathead

Pretty much explains itself

Dead Man’s Float: Some say it was the best Olympic event


You can get a good look at a T-Bone by sticking your head up the Butchers…wait, that’s not right at all

Takes “leave it all on the track” to a whole other level

Bill Belichick laughing at some guy asking where he can buy his cut off sweaters

Dirty Dancing: Part 2

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