Jonny Gomes, Why?

Since I am already the resident “rantist” I figured I would add some more fire to the flame. One thing that really gets under my skin in baseball are players who really aren’t that great, but you wouldn’t know from their attitude. In fact I just thought of another post that will be titled “baseballs biggest douchebags”, a concentrated countdown of the biggest egos that made the smallest impacts in baseball history. Pat Burrell is probably near the top of the list, but one guy really pisses me off every time I see him, Jonny Gomes.

I surely doubt that I am the first person to write about this and I truly hope that is the case as this guy deserves no credit at all for his contributions to any baseball team.

except for maybe fighting, but he usually takes cheap shots so probably not.

A man who has never heard the term “Mr. Gomes” and “Good” “Baseball” “Player” or “MVP” in the same sentence ever in his life would have anyone new to the game think that he was the cream of the crop. Which would be sad because that means the person being newly introduced to the sport would never watch it again for the rest of their life.

I’ll be honest, I can see why he would have an ego. Look at his career stats they are practically slapping me in the face saying, “have you ever seen anyone who could do what I do?” and they are right. I have NEVER seen anyone take more credit for being a mediocre, at best, player who has NEVER has and never will be the best on his team, unless the 24 other players all simultaneously died in a flamey, fiery plane crash. Even then there are minor leaguers who are probably better, but he threatens to steal their bonus checks so they stay in AAA.

But seriously, look at these stats:

In his 10 year career:
Avg: .243
HR: 128
RBI: 392
OBP: .331
OPS: .784
WAR (for you sabremetrics fans): 1.5, mediocre indeed

All this screams out to me, and should to you, is that Reuben Sierra had a more impressive career than this guy did with half the ego. Most of you are probably scratching your head asking who Reuben Sierra even is, exactly.

In all honesty this post came about because of one simple act. Please watch and if you disagreed before you may agree with my post now.

Am I right? Of course I am. Deadspin did an article on if he was a douchebag where the editor apparently decided that Gomes was “awesome”. They listed a few things on there that makes me feel bad for things that happened to him in his life and they are horrible, no one deserves that. But that doesn’t give him the right to act the way that he does on the field. Off the field is a different story and apparently he was a fan favorite in Tampa during his time with the Rays and what do they know?

In closing I would like to say that my sense of his douchebaggery comes from ONLY the way he is when playing the game. I don’t mind guys admiring their home runs but when they travel the distance of a little league ballpark don’t stand at the plate like you just hit a 500 foot bomb.

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