The Marlins Suck…and Other Baseball Thoughts

Ozzie Guillen sure started the Miami Marlins off on the right foot didn’t he? 43-46 and now they will be sellers at the end of the month if things don’t look better. At least they have that home run celebration monstrosity in left center field. Except their home run hitter is out for two months

Do the local news stations give their weather reports in front of the outfield wall? Which executive went into Sherwin Williams and asked, “The pine green would look good…but I want great. Do you guys have green-screen green?”

Best joke of the week: “I put a Heath Bell Poster on my door…now it won’t close.”

  • Bryce Harper gets bonus points for sticking his bat towards Guillen after his pine tar incident.
  • Why does it always feel like A-Rod pops up to end the game whenever the Yankees have the tying run on base?
  • After getting swept by the Braves, it’s time to kiss the Mets season goodbye. They had a good run…but I think this is the beginning of the end.
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  • With Trout, Trumbo, and Pujols, the Angels will have a tough lineup for years to come. Too bad the Rangers will still be better than them
  • The Pirates are in the hunt, but they were here last year and crapped out. Should be interesting to see if they can hang on.

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