Nine Reasons Why You Should Watch the Olympics

#1 National Pride

– Nothing shows pride in your nation better than a “#USA” on Twitter

#2 Beach Volleyball


#3 Guessing the Real Age of the Chinese Gymnasts

– Over/under 15? Give me the under

#4 Baseball

-Oh wait….it’s gone

#5 Shots of Royalty in the Stands

– “Ohhh look it’s uhhh..umm..Prince whatever-his-name is…you know the one…he married that hot chick.”

#6 Track and Field

-This is the only time that running looks cool. My personal philosophy on sports is taken from a Mr. Kenneth Powers who once said “I play a real sport, I’m not trying to be the best at exercising”…I would also like to add that I would never say that to Usain Bolt’s face.

#7 The Weather

When you think of summer paradise one of the first places you think of is London, right? Me neither.

#8 Re-watching Anything England-related from The Simpsons

One of my favorites: And it will be good to brush up on my British culture. Everyone over there flies around with Mary-Poppins umbrellas and writes books about wizards. I think…

#9 Muse’s new song: Survival

This song is epic. Muse wins again.


About B Roe

Tall, charming, handsome sports fanatic.
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