Take a Step Back

Loyal or Moral? You choose.

Being a sports fan creates interesting emotions. Strong emotions that cause us to act in certain ways to protect our favorite teams, players and overall sports. It’s interesting that we act this way. A deep rooted connection that is engrained in us from an early age and is probably the cause, it’s a part of our life and almost like a family member. We are hurt when a player leaves, we boo when a player doesn’t perform to our standards and we heckle those who dare wear the colors of any other team in our stadiums. It’s in our blood, it’s as simple as that.

But what if I said take a step back and realize what you’re really cheering for? How would you react? You’d probably say “hey stupid, I know what I’m cheering for. Are you stupid or something, stupid?”. I wouldn’t say stupid but I would say maybe I’m thinking a little unconventionally. But sometimes it’s good to take these things into perspective.

This article is being written on the day that we find out, officially, that Joe Paterno turned his back on any moral fiber he had in his body. He, and other officials that will shoulder the same blame, decided that a team, a SPORT, was more important than the commonwealth of the community they serve. An egregious error in any type of judgement where all humanity and civility was lost and will never be returned, no matter how much the remaining three try to heal the wounds.

All of this for a SPORT. A TEAM.

Last year a man named Bryan Stow was so severely beaten that he may be mentally handicapped for the rest of his life because he was a San Francisco Giants fan attending a Los Angeles Dodgers game. Prideful, pathetic, fans decided to prey on Mr. Stow, a father of two young children, in an attempt to show their support of a team and to justify their fandom to their fellow fans.

All of this for a SPORT, a TEAM.

The whole point of this is simple. It’s asking you to take a step back sometimes and realize what you are cheering for. You’re cheering for professional athletes, men and women who are getting paid to play a game for your viewing pleasure. I’m a sports fan too, I get it and sometimes I need to remind myself of the same exact thing I am pleading for you to do, I’m human. But SPORTS should never be a compromise for acting immorally. To break it down further, always keep in mind that your favorite team, when all is said and done, is a business and they are out to make money. If you ever feel the need to fight the urge of going a little overboard, ask yourself this “would I fight someone because they badmouthed Wal-Mart?”.

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