10 Reasons to Watch NASCAR

I know what you’re thinking, only rednecks watch NASCAR. Well, maybe they do, but there are plenty of reasons to watch other than the racial diversity among the drivers.

They are diverse! Two of them have blonde hair!

1- Fiery Car Crashes

Seriously, HOLY SH*T

2- Patriotism-


NASCAR does a lot for our troops, and also there’s nothing more American than pounding Budlights while watching a bunch of gas-guzzling cars drive at insanely fast speeds while crashing into each other.

3- Finishing a Race Upside-down and on Fire

How does he fit in the car with balls that big?

4- Watching Danica Patrick Crash-

Good thing she's got Nationwide Insurance

It gives all of us men yet another arena to make “Women can’t drive” jokes. You women who are reading this, well maybe she gives you hope of an equal gender footing in sports. Now get back into the kitchen.

5- Dale Jr’s Losing Streak- One of the most popular guys in racing hasn’t won in his past 130 trys

6- “Crank it up” – When Fox’s announcers stop talking so you can crank up the surround sound all the way up to 11.

7- Driver Accessibility- No matter what happens, good or bad, the drivers will give pretty candid interviews compared to other sports. Plus, you can hear the drivers’ radios while their discussing strategy with their crew chief or spotters.

If you make a drinking game based on how many times a driver will mention a sponsor, you may die

8- Bump-Drafting- When cars follow one another, it’s called drafting. When they do it extremely close together, it called bump-drafting, which leads to…

9-MORE CRASHES!!!– When two objects traveling at 200 mph hit each other, it tends to make a mess.

I don't know much about cars, but I think that tire/axle thingy is pretty important

10- Pit Stops- Who would have thought the hardest thing to do would be putting gas in the car? These brief moments of tire-changing and gas filling are sometimes the most important part of the race. I wish the guys at my mechanic worked this hard.

"We need to stop hiring Cirque du Soleil performers as tire-changers"

There you have it…10 perfectly good reasons to watch NASCAR. YEEEEHAWWWW!!


About B Roe

Tall, charming, handsome sports fanatic.
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