Fantasy Baseball Names

We all know that half the battle of running a fantasy baseball team is choosing a good name, so here’s some help.

When your team tanks in June, at least you can look back and say you had a good name. The best names are a play on baseball words, phrases, or names.

Here are a few ideas for your upcoming season:


The Wilpawns– Mets

Meet the Mess– Mets

God DOUMIT!!! –Ryan Doumit

Jelly Doumit– Ryan again…you can have a lot of fun with his name

Getz Some — Chris Getz

Ahhh Choo — Shin-soo Choo

The Teixecutioners– Mark Teixeira

Lackeying Talent– John Lackey

Chicken Alfredo – Alfredo Aceves

Super Molina Bros. — Molina’s

Motte’s Juice — Jason Motte

Big Cox — Zack Cox (Cardinals Minor Leaguer)

Capps Lock — Matt Capps

Jesus Walks — Jesus Montero

Smoak on the Water -Justin Smoke

Chone Me the Money–Chone Figgins

IfUrGoing2BenFrancisco– Ben Francisco

Take a Leake – Mike Leake

Soler Flare – Jorge Soler, Cuban import

Dunn Deal – Adam Dunn

Rios Grande– Alex Rios

Hand Job — Brad Hand

Annibal Lecter– Annibal Sanchez

Wild Wild West — Sean West

BuckStop — John Buck + backstop

TherecanBOnly1Verlander – Justin Verlander

IJustGotLaird – Gerald Laird

Less is Moore – Tyler Moore

Morse Code – Mike Morse

What’s it Werth? — Jason Werth

Inglorious Bastardos — Anthony Bastardo

Snow Qualls – Chad Qualls

Gee Whiz — Dillon Gee

Madson Avenue — Ryan Madson

Touch My Heisey — Chris Heisey

Hughes you Daddy? — Phil Hughes

I’ll put some more on here as I come up with some more ideas.

Post any that need to be shared with the world! Or the few people that will actually read this…


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