NFL Prop Bets: Playoffs Week One

According to the reputable source Wikipedia:

In most contexts, “proposition bet” denotes a bet made regarding the occurrence or non-occurrence during a game (usually a gambling game) of an event not directly affecting the game’s final outcome. Examples include: Which team scores first, how long the National Anthem is;etc..

Here are my prop bets for the first week of the NFL Playoffs:


3.5 Tim Tebow Passes that actually spiral – Tim Tebow Sucks. He’s playing a real defense this week. Under

10.5 Combined rushes in the Lions/Saints game– Only a moron would take the under… I’ll go Under

35 second average for Chris Collinsworth finishing a thought– He still hasn’t finished describing Tony Romo’s “escapability” last week. The only thing Romo seems to escape is the playoffs. I’ll take the Over.

1,000,000.5 times Tebow prays during the game – If the Broncos could put a playbook or a throwing manual on Tebow’s knee they would be set since he stares at that more than the field. Only God knows the true answer to this one.

3.5 times Archie Manning is shown on TV at the Superdome – Peyton Manning/ Andrew Luck news, High scoring game, lack of any notable Saints players from the past (other than Aaron Brooks obviously) and the Saints putting up a ton of points equal some face time for the elder Manning. I’ll go Over.

1.5 times the announcer says that the Giants are in “Cruz Control” – It’s a phrase I’ve seen on Twitter a lot, and I like it. It’s catchy and unimaginative, which makes it perfect for a sports announcer to use. Over


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