Things to Look Foward to in 2012

– The Demise of Tim Tebow– Newsflash: If you can’t throw a spiral, you’re not a Quarterback. What will Denver fans put on a billboard then? “Bring Back Jake Plummer”? Also related to this: Skip Bayless becoming irrelevant.

– Lebron James and the Heat choking away the finals. Again.–

Baby New Year

It’s going to happen, and everyone outside of Miami can’t wait for it to happen. If Chris Bosh’s tears cure cancer, then you can cancel that 5k you really didn’t want to run in, cause there’s no need to fundraise for it anymore.

-Hanley Ramirez demanding a trade– Sometime around June, Hanley Ramirez will realize that playing third base sucks. You literally have no time to react to a ball, and when you do you will most likely get hit with it. But then again, there’s less running involved, so he may enjoy it.

-Pacman Jones getting arrested.– There’s only so many times you can “make it rain” with a minimum veteran contract in the NFL.

-An Athlete saying something stupid on Twitter– We’ve had many an athlete prove why they shouldn’t be allowed to speak in public, and how much class those football players actually have to attend in school. (None)

-Josh Hamilton not killing somebody by throwing a ball into the stands — Seriously, what are the odds of that happening again?

-Lack of Coaches touching little boys– It would certainly be a refreshing change compared to this year. We can now slowly begin the process of changing out the “Sandusky” in jokes back to “Priests”.

-RIOTS!!!– Last year it was Vancouver when they lost the NHL Finals. Usually it’s Los Angeles for any reason. (There’s a chance of rain..let’s burn this motherF&*@a down!!!!!!)

I feel like even if Cleveland tried to riot, they would screw it up somehow.

What are you looking foward to this year?


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