NBA Loses First Two Weeks, and Why Fantasy Basketball Sucks

The NBA Lockout is in full effect as commissioner David Stern has announced that the first two weeks of the season have been cancelled.

Does anybody really care?

The NFL lockout was HUGE news. So big that it pushed the whole “is Brett Farve coming back?” “is his penis really that small?” arguments from April to early August. ESPN covered more on the lockout than anything else.

Let’s be real, the only reason why you or I cared about the NFL lockout was because of our fantasy teams, and NBA fantasy leagues suck. Nobody enjoys them. They’re just a filler until fantasy baseball starts, and give you something else to click on while you waste time at work. Nobody brags about winning an NBA fantasy league; that’s like caring about who wins the NASCAR Nationwide series.

Now that the NBA is looking like they will be locked out for a long time, the only other fantasy option is hockey.

NBA, please come back.


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